Naiad – Firts Steps

Since the beginning of 2012, I started working on freelance position as a fluid effect supervisor in the phase of R & D of a feature film, and because of the results obtained by the company with a fluid simulator well recognized in the world of VFX, we decided bet on another not so well known and is making its way even while in beta. Naiad. These are my first impressions working on a couple of shots:

The calculation capacity of this engine is impressive, getting simulate 100 frames with 50 million particles in just over half an hour. Here are 500 frames as the simulation is 50 fps.
Nothing to say about the solver, get to a totally realistic fluids movements without having to resort to effects (like swirl or noise) on water to make it more realistic.

On the other hand, the way you work with nodes to encapsulate the different simulations in passes (main fluid, foam, splash, wet), it’s a very comfortable way of working and you can reuse all your graphs as an assets, for other simulations.

Even the export capacity of the program is very easy to use, I propose here a sample of the “splash pass”, baked with Krakatoa.

As you can see, there are some things to polish in the simulations, some contain flicker and escapists particles, :), but honestly, I wish all problems were those that we had to find a program that is still in beta phase of development.

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