Ink – First attempt with Krakatoa Maya Beta

This is my first attempt after introducing me on the Krakatoa for Maya beta.

It’s very simple, just a fluid simulation affecting an Nparticle system with it’s force fields like velocity and called Fluid driven particles.

This technique is widely used VFX level as it allows particles get realistic movement of a fluid as if it were.

In other post I have a tiny mel script which automates this action and creates a Fluid container with an emitter and nparticle system linked dynamically to this.

Regarding the most important part in the post, yes Krakatoa, I have to say that the guys at Thinkbox software are making a very very very…good job! This beta beta version is very robust and works perfect.

From my experience, I have seen finished softwares with more errors than this first Krakatoa MY beta. Nothing to say about the feedback with the guys at Thinkbox, specially with Bobo and Radka, thats incredible and I have to thank his great contribution to this piece of software and for his help to all people that we are trying this version.

To conclude this post, I summarize this software in three words: FAST, ROBUST and PERFECTIONIST

You can follow this link to know more about Krakatoa for Maya.


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