RF- Print your Settings

A post from Realflow Wisdom (Jorge Medina), with we can print our Realflow settings from an scene in the preview Captions. Perfect to do test simulations and compare it.

” A good way to remember your settings when doing testings is printing them in the preview videos.

Switch on the option  “Show Preview Caption” in the menu  “View”, copy and paste this lines in a new script in the simulationPre tab, you can add whatever parameters you want:”

emitter = scene.getEmitter("yourEmitter01")

visc = emitter.getParameter("Viscosity")

st = emitter.getParameter("Surface Tension")

scene.setPreviewCaption("Viscosity: " + str(visc) + "\n" + "Surface Tension: " + str(st))

Thanks to Jorge. Check the original post here.

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