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Maya Profiler Tool

Useful tool added to Maya 2015 extension. Maya Profiler can track down performance bottlenecks in our scenes. Check out the video here: http://around-the-corner.typepad.com/adn/2014/10/maya-profiler.html


Ink – First attempt with Krakatoa Maya Beta

This is my first attempt after introducing me on the Krakatoa for Maya beta. It’s very simple, just a fluid simulation affecting an Nparticle system with it’s force fields like velocity and called Fluid driven particles. This technique is widely used VFX level as it allows particles get realistic movement […]

Krakatoa Test

Fractal Mountains

  Testing Vue’s fractal terrains technology a couple of weeks ago, I created this image, ready to print on canvas and ready to mount on the wall. If you want the 13000px! image to print, please, contact me,:)


RF- Print your Settings

A post from Realflow Wisdom (Jorge Medina), with we can print our Realflow settings from an scene in the preview Captions. Perfect to do test simulations and compare it. ” A good way to remember your settings when doing testings is printing them in the preview videos. Switch on the option  […]


Maya Pipeline Basics

A great post from Zeth Willie talking about what we should consider when developing a workflow, what tactics we should use and what not, this will avoid a great loss of productivity, something that accuse some vfx studios.