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Ink – First attempt with Krakatoa Maya Beta

This is my first attempt after introducing me on the Krakatoa for Maya beta. It’s very simple, just a fluid simulation affecting an Nparticle system with it’s force fields like velocity and called Fluid driven particles. This technique is widely used VFX level as it allows particles get realistic movement […]

Krakatoa Test

Fractal Mountains

  Testing Vue’s fractal terrains technology a couple of weeks ago, I created this image, ready to print on canvas and ready to mount on the wall. If you want the 13000px! image to print, please, contact me,:)


Vray Settings for Print Production Quality

I would like to share with you, the parameters that I usually use with Vray for Maya. These parameters are typically used with jobs that require higher quality than flexibility, such as print campaigns jobs. Those who still think that Vray is fast as lightning … please wait. It’s fast […]